About The Studio

Yellow Mint Studio is a small studio offering graphic design, web design, brand styling, and photography services. We collaborate with each client to create a strategy that allows your brand to communicate your message clearly, connect your business or brand with the right market, and develop a long lasting impact through a strong brand identity design.


YM Studio Mission

There's no better feeling than connecting with talented minds behind a brand and helping them translate their values and message into meaningful designs. The ultimate goal  is to connect with you, to explore what makes you unique, create brand clarity, and translate your vision into a visual identity design that will reshape your dreams into achievable goals.


About The Designer

Hi there! I'm Kelly Brito. I started coding websites back in 1997, around the time I was in High School. I started coding for myself, just because I loved it. Then, I opened up a boutique studio and it became more successful than I ever thought it would! Since then, I've been helping brands build strong, meaningful and attractive branding designs.