Stacey Lynn Design

LOGO + BRANDING DESIGN, website design

Stacey Lynn is a wedding designer and planner that works closely to create one-of-a-kind wedding experience to each client. We collaborated to create a logo and brand identity that would be elegant and flexible. Then we created a lovely design for her website.



White Legal Strategy

LOGO + BRANDING DESIGN website design

WLS Group is led by Christine White, an attorney who focus on helping creatives and artists. The brand identity was develop to match Atlanta's unique creative community.  We also collaborate on a brand new website design!



Ficèk Knits

LOGO + BRANDING DESIGN, print collateral

Ficèk Knits is an earth-inspired brand, that creates heirloom quality items with the most pure and high quality yarns and lamber, in Oregon. We collaborated to create a visual identity that reflects the brand's connection with earth.





Trendinozze is an Italian wedding planning company that creates timeless weddings experiences. We collaborated to create a romantic-inspired visual identity design and a website design to complement the branding.



Jen Backstein Interiors

LOGO + BRANDING DESIGN, website design

Jen Backstein is an interior designer from Canada, with a minimal and elegant style. As her brand expands, we worked on a visual identity that could reflect her minimalism and elegance, in a way that would best showcase her work and help her clients easily understand and experience her brand.



Kristine Barnes

LOGO + BRANDING DESIGN, website design

Kristine Barnes is a business coach with a lively personality. We used Raspberry-inspired colors, to build a feminine and vibrant visual identity -a branding that would attract her ideal audience, which is made of lively and talented women.


Logo & Web Designs