brand styling

Every brand starts with an idea. And then a logo. But there's so much than the logo... A logo alone is usually not enough to communicate your brand's message or create a connection with  your target audience. The Brand Styling package includes everything a brand needs to build its foundation.

  • 2 Consultations of 30min each
  • 1 Main Logo design
  • 1 Secondary Logo design
  • 1 Submark design
  • Business Card design (2 sides)
  • 2 Pattern/texture designs
  • Style Guide with colors, patterns, font info


The package costs $1,000 and the process takes 2-3 weeks

web design

We create websites that not only are beautiful, but that have everything any brand needs: easy to navigate, easy to edit and update, SEO-friendly, and fully responsive. Current Content Management Systems we work with are: Wordpress, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Blogger and ShowIt. Every website and blog design service includes development + installation + 30 minutes "How to" call, to help you understand how to edit and update your website or blog.

  • Website design - $950+
  • Blog design - $900+
  • Newsletter design - $350+
  • Social media design (headers + post templates) - $300+
  • eCommerce - $1,200+
  • "Coming Soon!" page - $300+

Combined products get 25%-50% discount and the process takes 2-3 weeks



brand experience

Everything a brand needs to launch or re-launch strongly, announcing not only the new visual identity but also creating excitement and anticipation for your audience. The Brand Experience includes a 30 min consultation, so that we can connect and I can understand your brand's needs, then another 30 min session for strategy -where I'll present a few ideas of how we can proceed with your designs and how they'll fit into your strategy!

  • 30 min Consultation Session
  • 30 min Strategy Session
  • Coming Soon! page design (with media icons + email subscription form)
  • 10 Instagram templates
  • 5 Facebook/Pinterest templates
  • Social Media "Coming soon!" headers (up to 3 accounts)

Prices start at $500 and the process takes 2-3 weeks


The best way to give a brand an extra touch is to get professional photos of your products, of your workers, and of yourself! Through a meeting (you pick the place!), we'll work closely to explore your brand's message, values, and story, so that we can develop the best way to achieve your goals. We'll create breathtaking photos that will not only look fantastic on your Instagram and Pinterest feed, but it will also reflect and complement your brand's identity and be an extra tool to create connection with the right people (and sell more, if you're a business).

  • Product Photography
  • Creative Headshots
  • Group Photos
  • Workspace Photography

Prices start at $300 and is available for the tri-state area


The Design Process

brand styling

  1. You'll received a contract + brand form + invitation to the project management room + 1st invoice + welcome PDFs with all info you need to know.
  2. The 30 min consultation calls are where we'll talk about your brand and understand your brand's needs + goals and clarity all points from your brand form.
  3. You'll receive your initial logo draft -which is created based on your form answers and consultation call. 
  4. If you believe the logo needs adjustments, we can go through up to 3 rounds of revision.
  5. Once the logo is approved, you'll receive the secondary logo and submark drafts. They can go through 1 round of revision, each.
  6. You'll then receive the business card draft. Which can go through 1 round of revision.
  7. Finally, after all designs are approved, you receive all files, including a Brand Style Guide with your font and colors info, as well as the pattern/textures created for your brand.

web design

  1. You'll received a contract + web design form + invitation to the project management room + 1st invoice + welcome PDFs with all info you need to know.
  2. You'll receive your initial draft, which is created based on your web design form answers.
  3. If you believe the draft needs adjustments, we can go through up to 3 rounds of revisions.
  4. After all the final draft is approved, it will be coded.
  5. You'll receive the link to preview your design live version.
  6. Once the design demo is live, it can go through 1 final round of revisions
  7. After the revisions have been done, the design will be transferred/installed on your own account.
  • For Wordpress, Squarespace and Blogger, a demo preview is available on my own account, then transferred to your own hosting after your approval and final payment. For all other platforms, the design will be implemented directly on your account (a "Coming Soon!" page is suggested, but not required).

brand experience

  1. You'll received a contract + brand experience form + invitation to the project management room + 1st invoice + welcome PDFs with all info you need to know.
  2. During the 30min Consultation call, we'll discuss all about your brand and your answers on the brand experience form.
  3. 1 week later, we'll have another 30 min call, focusing only on the strategy. We'll discuss the best way to achieve your goals and you'll get to see a few design ideas made specially for you.
  4. You'll receive your "Coming Soon!" page draft
  5. If you believe any adjustments are needed, we can go through up to1 round of revision.
  6. The social media headers will be created based on the "Coming Soon!" page design
  7. The social media post templates will be created based on our calls and examples you'll see on the strategy call.


  1. You'll a photography form + welcome PDFs with all info you need to know.
  2. We'll meet to discuss ideas and details about your session
  3. You'll then receive the contract + 1st invoice
  4. We'll meet at the previously scheduled date + time for your session! Fun time!
  5. Within 2 business days from the photoshoot, you'll receive a link to preview your photos!
  6. You'll let me know which photos you LOVE, I'll retouch them and send them to your email.
  • Amount of photos will be discussed during our consultation meeting.
  • Photos can be on location or in a studio.
  • All sessions are available for the Tri-state area only.